Renting in Knightdale? A Little Knowledge Can Go a Long Way!

My Wife and I were taking a stroll down memory lane (actually it was Carrington Drive) thinking about the past. We started reminiscing about the crazy time right before we were married. I was just starting my real estate business, we were planning a wedding and making the transition from being renters to buying our first home in Knightdale.  Fortunately my time as a renter was quick and painless. I rented a small farmhouse on Clifton Road from a very nice family. My experience as a renter in Knightdale was thankfully uneventful but I also know there are others who haven’t been so lucky. Let’s face it, the government is giving great incentives (and a boatload of cash) to first time home buyers right now but for some, buying their first home in a great town like Knightdale just isn’t in the cards. So while everyone is talking about buying, I thought I would offer this blog post as a resource for Knightdale renters who have not yet transitioned into home ownership. So often, the difference between a bad landlord / tenant relationship and a positive one is just a little bit of knowledge.

Knowledge? Yes. Legal Advice? No!

Before I get too far, I’ve got to lay down the typical legal disclaimer. So bear with me through this paragraph. After all, I’ve got to keep the real estate commission (and my real estate broker) happy. So without further ado: This blog post should NOT be construed as legal advice (in other words, No. I am not a lawyer)  This information is provided “as is” and with everything you read on the internet, you should confirm and check the accuracy of information presented.

Can My Landlord Kick Me Out of My Knightdale Home / Apartment?

I  don’t know how many times I’ve overheard landlords say “My tenant didn’t pay me so I changed the locks.” I shudder when I hear these words. Why? Because that’s actually illegal in North Carolina. That’s right, it’s called Peaceable Self Help Eviction. Basically it means that if you ,the tenant, breaches a lease in Knightdale, or any city in North Carolina, the landlord cannot force you out of the property. This includes changing the locks, turning  off utilities, or taking your personal property.

But don’t think you can quit paying for that Knightdale apartment or home and live rent free. While Self Help Eviction is illegal, Actual Eviction (sometimes called Summary Ejectment) is within their legal right. This is basically the judicial form of eviction.

I’ll Pay My Rent When You Fix The Heat!

But what about when the shoe is on the other foot. Perhaps your Knightdale landlord isn’t living up to their end of the bargain. The best piece of advice I can give you is don’t stop paying your rent. Renters often feel that their bargaining chips are the rent check. That’s actually the furthest from the truth. Basically, it boils down to this. If you stay, you pay!

If I Can’t Hold The Rent Check Hostage What Can I Do?

Constructive Eviction is basically you throwing yourself out of the home or apartment because your landlord violated your right to “quiet enjoyment of the premises. In other words, The landlord breaches the lease and you leave voluntarily.

My (not legal) Advice

Personally, I feel the best action is knowledge. Armed with knowledge, try to have a conversation with your landlord but know everyone’s rights.

Responsibilities of a Landlord

They must provide a habitable condition, make repairs, comply with building codes, keep common areas safe, repair electrical, plumbing, heating, AC and appliances.

Responsibilities of  a Tenant

You as a tenant must keep the leased property / premise safe and fit. You cannot deface or damage the premises. You must also comply with building codes and are responsible for damage of the property (except for normal wear and tear).

A Few Don’ts

  • Don’t withhold payment in an effort to “force” your landlord to make a repair
  • Don’t order repairs and bill the landlord.
  • Don’t make repairs and then deduct the cost from your rent.

One Last Note: Security Deposits

If you do happen to make that transition from a Knightdale renter to a home owner. Getting your security deposit back is a nice extra bonus! A landlord can only use your security deposit for the following items

  • Non-payment of Rent
  • Damage (outside of normal wear and tear)
  • Non-fulfillment of rental period
  • Unpaid bills that become a lien against the least property
  • Cost of re-renting (only after a breach by the tenant)
  • Court cost

If they do happen to use your security deposit for any of the above items, they must provide you with an itemized statement of damages within 30 days of the termination of the tenancy.

For More Information

If you want to research more about your options as a renter in Knightdale, Check out the North Carolina Residential Rental Agreements Act. Or contact someone who can give you legal advice.

New Resource for Searching Homes For Sale In Knightdale

I’m typically not one to “toot my own horn” but I just launched a new resource that I am very proud of. After months of development our new Knightdale Home Search tool is live. I feel this is going to be a great resource for not only current Knightdale Residents but also people looking to relocate to Knightdale, NC.

One Click Access to Knightdale Homes

Let’s face it, searching the MLS can be quite cumbersome. With this in mind, we created single click access points to search homes in Knightdale. This allows you, the home buyer, to access Knightdale homes for sale quicker and easier than ever before. Below are a few examples. To access all the Knightdale Quick Searches, simply visit the home page.

Knightdale One Click MLS Searches

Knightdale homes below $100,000 | $100,000 – $150,000 | $150,000 – $200,000 | $200,000 – $250,000 | $250,000 – $300,000 | $300,000 – $350,000

Property Tracker and Home Alerts

Have your eye on a particular neighborhood such as Princeton Manor? Now you can get instant notification every time a new home that fits your search criteria is added to the MLS. You’ll also be notified of price changes within your search.  Not only is this a great feature for home buyers, it’s also a great way for Knightdale home sellers to keep an eye on their “competition.” After all, as a seller, it’s important to know when new listings in your area enter the market.

Foreclosures in Knightdale

While every home is unique, foreclosed homes can often be listed below market value. Because of this, it’s important to be one of the first to know when a Knightdale foreclosure comes on the market. We have created a dedicated Knightdale Foreclosure page and given you the ability to receive email alerts as foreclosed properties are added to this page.

Beyond Knightdale Homes For Sale

While the main focus of this site is Knightdale Real Estate, we understand that your home search may take you beyond the city limits. Don’t worry, our MLS search actually tracks almost 18,000 homes for sale listed throughout the triangle area and beyond. And as always, you will have full access to all of this without having to sign up or disclose your email address.

How Can We Make Our Knightdale Home Search Better?

While I am proud of the features, I realize that this search tool will be continually evolving and growing with even more features. So feel free to chime in and give me your feedback. After all, this is a resource design for you!

Peak Fitness Knighdale Closed!

As many of you may know, I blogged about some “interesting” news yesterday about Peak Fitness. I knew they were closing but chose not to disclose the information due to the fact that no one was willing to go on the record with the information. Well today it’s confirmed. Peak Fitness Knightdale has closed it’s doors. It’s quite interesting given the fact that Peak’s recent settlement with the Attorney General stipulates that Peak Fitness is required to

Give advance notice to gym members and the Attorney General’s Office when a health club will be closed or when members will be transferred to another location.

Hmm, I was at the Knightdale location of Peak Fitness yesterday and asked the manager specifically if the place was closing down. She even contacted her general manager and was told that there was no word on any closing. Hmm.

So apparently last night they emptied out the entire place! That’s right the place is now empty!

So What About Peak Fitness Members?

Apparently you can still work out at other Peak Fitness locations. Planet Fitness is also honoring Peak Memberships. However, it’s important to note that Planet Fitness doesn’t have child care or basketball courts (a big reason why so many chose to work out at Peak Fitness Knightdale.

I’ll be contacting the Attorney General today for some additional insight. If you are a member of the Peak Fitness leave a comment below or message me on twitter.

Rumors of Shakeup With Knightdale Gym?

So the rumor mill is flying today with lots of “interesting” information about the status of some gyms in Knightdale. At this point, I have no concrete information so all it is right now is simply rumors. I’ve contacted managers with various gyms in Knightdale to try to get some additional information (and to actually confirm the rumors) but I haven’t had anyone give me concrete information. I’ll update this post as soon as I have more information. I plan on visiting the Knightdale gyms today and see if any new information has transpired. If you have any insight, message me on Twitter.

Knightdale Leaf Pickup Schedule

January 5-9
Parkside, Churchill, Mingo Creek, Princeton Manor.

January 12-16
Old Town, Myrick Downs, Carrington Woods.

For many Knightdale residents, the chore of raking leaves seems to be a battle that starts in the fall and last for months. While the typical MO is to bag the leaves and purchase yard waste stickers at Town Hall, Knightdale provides leaf pickup a few times a year.

One of those times is fast approaching. According to the Town of Knightdale website, Parkside, Churchill, Mingo Creek and Princeton Manor will have their leaves collected January 5-9. Old Town, Myrick Downs and Carrington Woods will have their leaves collected January 12-16. It’s always a good idea to verify these dates by calling town hall at 217-2212. Epically considering I saw the leaf collection truck in Carrington Woods on January 2nd.

Knightdale Leaf Collection Tips

  • Rake leaves to the curb or edge of the street, not in the street.
  • Be sure that the leave collection truck has easy access to your leaves. Don’t park cars or anything else that may obstruct access to your leaves.
  • Additional yard waste such as sticks limbs will not be picked up.
  • Leaf piles should be within 6-8 feet of the curb or edge of the street.

Knightdale Commercial and Residential Real Estate Growth

Only a few years ago, Knightdale was not much more than a sleepy small town salt and peppered with starter homes and a few fast-food restaurants. Today, Knightdale real estate is teeming with life and energy.
Knightdale sat quietly by as Raleigh continued to see fast expansion in almost all areas except for east. All that has changed in recent years as national retail stores, and savvy investors dump millions of dollars in new commercial and residential real estate developments in the Knightdale area.

Putting Knightdale Real Estate into Perspective

At the time of writing, there are 236 Knightdale homes for sale in the MLS* (within the city limits of Knightdale). Of the 236 homes, almost 25% are above $300,000. This is quite a contrast considering that only 5 years ago, the average home price in Knightdale was not even $120,000. In those 5 short years, home prices in Knightdale has risen more than 70%*! Just a few years ago, ½ Million dollar listings were almost unheard of in Knightdale. Today, it’s rare to search Knightdale real estate and not see at least a handful of these listings. And with the many developments already planned or under construction, these luxury homes are sure to be even more common place for Knightdale real estate.

RTP Gets Closer to Knightdale

Much of this growth is spurred by the opening of I-540 and Highway 64 By-Pass. Knightdale was suddenly a viable option for employees of RTP and Raleigh to call Knightdale home. Instead of commutes filled with traffic jams and stop lights, Knightdale commuters can be in RTP or at the RDU Airport in 15-20 minutes. And at the end of the day, a short commute home brings them back to a small town that has seem to find that perfect balance of “small town” friendliness with big city amenities.

*source: Trulia and

Peak Fitness Knightdale Update?

I wonder what’s going on with Peak Fitness in Knightdale. My wife and I were so excited to hear that Peak Fitness was coming to Knightdale. After all, the old Winn Dixie store was becoming an eye sore and having a Gym less than 2 miles from our home was very attractive. After all, my wife and I are always trying to find time to excerise. She enjoys group exercises and I have always loved basketball.

I was thrilled when I walked out of Lowes Food one afternoon and saw an ad for Peak Fitness Knightdale under my windshield. I called my wife and dropped a few hints that a membership to Peak Fitness in Knightdale will be a great Christmas gift. It was right after Thanksgiving and a call to Peak Fitness confirmed that it would be opening in Knightdale in January of 08. A few days before Christmas, my wife had to “run some errands.” It turns out that she went to the Peak Fitness Office in Knigtdale to get more information and sign up. Again, they assured her that it would be opening in January of ’08.

Christmas Day came and you guessed it. My wife gave me a gym membership to the Knightdale Location of Peak Fitness. In fact, she went ahead and purchased a gym membership for herself as well. They did a little hard selling trying to tell her that they don’t do anything less than 2 year commitments but for her, they would make an exception. All they asked is that she not tell anyone else about her “deal.”

January came and went without the opening of the Knightdale Peak Fitness. We called and asked for an explanation of the delay. They said that they were a few weeks behind. They told us that after all, we can’t expect people to work over Christmas and New Years. Hmm I thought to myself, did those holidays just spring up unexpectedly? Had Peak Fitness not accounted for that in they construction of the Knightdale location? I was a little frustrated at Peak but I knew that it’s hard to have solid deadlines in construction. I figured that I could live with waiting a few more weeks for the Knightdale location to open.

Again, weeks came and went without Peak Fitness opening their Knightdale location. We called Peak again for another update. After all, we drove by the old Winn Dixie building and saw nothing being done. Another call to Peak Fitness Knightdale came with another excuse. This time it was delay because their trouble with Knigtdale and getting the appropriate permits. I was left scratching my head because by this time, another Knightdale gym announced that they were going to be soon opening their doors. This one was Planet Fitness. They were building their gym from the ground up. Surely Peak Fitness would be opening before Planet Fitness. After all, Peak Fitness’s location in Knightdale already had a shell. All they had to do was pluming and walls.

In February, I called Peak Fitness again. This time they said that they didn’t expect their Knightdale location to be open until March. Honestly, at this point, I don’t know what to think. The last time I drove by the Winn Dixie building in Knightdale, it was still at the same point that it was months ago. I almost don’t want to call Peak Fitness again because I don’t want to be disappointed again. Does anyone know when Peak Fitness Knightdale will actually open? Does any one have any inside information? I am beginning to grow frustrated with Peak. At this point, I wish I hadn’t of signed a contract with them. After all, I am beginning to think that Planet Fitness will open their Knightdale location far before Peak Fitness.